Installing a swirl of Swifts

This was my biggest private commission to date I was asked to make a flock of flying birds for a beautiful double height entrance hall the wall dimensions were approximately 4.5m x 5.5 metres.  Below is my sketch of what I planned to make.


Drawing now looking very battered- I referred to it alot during the making process.  I ended up adding a few more sketchy birds that were not shown on this original sketch.

I sent various pictures to my client during the making the process- this was the last picture of it  'finished' in the studio.  It measures approx 3m x 3m as you can see I had to use the whole of my studio wall.

I then made a full-size paper template of the sculpture marking where each bird was and the 6 fixing points.  I made the sculpture in three pieces so it could be transported a little easier.  Each piece was attached to a wooden board and carefully packed up.  I had the help of Willow interior design who expertly packed the sculptures into his van and transported to the clients house.  

At the house the paper template was positioned on the wall, with guidance from the client as to the final height and how the sculpture was centred.  The fixings were then drilled (expertly by Willow!) into the wall.  I then hung the sculpture over the top of the template so not to damage wall with wires.  


Adjustments were made and the three pieces were woven together.  Finally and carefully the paper template was slid out from behind the sculpture to reveal the finished piece.  Thank you to Willow and Leonora for your help and patience during the install.  From start to finish it took us 5 hours to install.